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AP Exams Offered

Enjoy this full list of available AP exams. We currently have free study guides and practice quizzes available for the most popular AP exams, and we’ll be adding more regularly.


  2-D Art and Design
  3-D Art and Design
  Art History
  Music Theory




  English Language and Composition
  English Literature and Composition

History and Social Sciences

  Comparative Government and Politics
  European History
  Human Geography
  United States Government and Politics
  United States History*
  World History: Modern

Math and Computer Science

  Calculus AB
  Calculus BC
  Computer Science A
  Computer Science Principles


  Environmental Science
  Physics 1: Algebra-Based
  Physics 2: Algebra-Based
  Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
  Physics C: Mechanics

World Languages and Cultures

  Chinese Language and Culture
  French Language and Culture
  German Language and Culture
  Italian Language and Culture
  Japanese Language and Culture
  Spanish Language and Culture
  Spanish Literature and Culture

Why AP?

Designed for enterprising high school students, the Advanced Placement (AP) program allows high school students to earn college credit through testing. While many high schools offer special AP classes, all students (including homeschooled students) have the option to take an AP test and earn college credit.

Each year, over a million students sit for an AP exam, enabling them to get a head start on college while still in high school. This saves significant money, compared to the cost of a normal college course, and it also allows students to accelerate their college careers by getting some of the more basic curriculum out of the way early. Whatever your reason, Powerhouse Prep CLEP study guides will help you pass successfully.

You’ve made a good choice by pursuing Advanced Placement, as AP exams can truly revolutionize your college path. However, you will want to be careful of two things:

Prepare Properly

First, make sure you prepare properly. Data released on 2019 tests taken show pass rates as low as 54% for US History and 64% for Biology. Some of the highest pass rate exams are actually the hardest, but appear to have high pass rates since only the most expert students sit for these exams (for instance, 88% pass rate for Chinese Language and Culture). Successfully passing your selected AP exams is completely realistic, but will require careful studying.

Check With Your College

Second, make sure your school will accept AP credit. Most will accept at least 1-3 exams, and some will even except up to 15 or more, but check with your school before you invest the time.

Why Powerhouse Prep Study Guides?

The internet is full of AP prep material. The simplest of internet searches will turn up literally thousands of websites. So what’s different about our AP practice tests and study materials?

Simply put, we’ll help you get off to strong start and point you toward the best resources to continue learning. For each test we support, we’ll give you a very short overview of what you should expect to study. Then we’ve got a brief practice quiz to help you measure your current skill level. And then we’ll point out a few of our favorite places to finish studying.

If you're already mid-study, use our free AP practice quiz to quickly see how much you have learned and identify what's left to be studied.

Our goal is to make learning easy and fun.