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While most of our free study materials are currently focused on CLEP and DSST, we're working to add more content over time for other exams.

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Why take these exams?

For better or worse, exams like the GED, the SAT, and the GMAT are critical checkpoints in many student's education career. For many people, exams like these are great ways to show what's been learned and demonstrate preparedness for the next step (like GMAT prior to grad school). For some students though, exams can be an uncomfortable form of evaluation. Whether you naturally find exams easy or hard, the proper study plan will help make your exams more comfortable and successful.

Why Powerhouse Prep Study Guides?

Let’s be honest, the internet is full of exam prep material. The fastest of internet searches will turn up literally thousands of websites. So what’s different about our practice tests and study materials? Simply put, we’ll help you get off to strong start and point you toward the best resources to continue learning. For each test we support, we’ll give you a very short overview of what you should expect to study. Then we’ve got a brief practice quiz to help you measure your current skill level. And then we’ll point out a few of our favorite places to finish studying. Or you can come here for a midway checkpoint. Our goal is to make learning easy and fun.