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Each year, students all over the world use DSST exams to save time and money. We’re here to help with free practice tests and study guides.

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DSST Exams Offered

Enjoy this full list of available DSST exams. We currently have free study guides and practice quizzes available for the most popular DSST exams, and we’ll be adding more regularly.


  Business Ethics and Society*
  Business Mathematics
  Computing and Information Technology*
  Human Resource Management*
  Introduction to Business*
  Management Information Systems
  Money and Banking*
  Organizational Behavior*
  Personal Finance
  Principles of Finance
  Principles of Supervision*


  Ethics in America
  Introduction to World Religions*
  Principles of Advanced English Composition
  Principles of Public Speaking


  Fundamentals of College Algebra
  Math for Liberal Arts
  Principles of Statistics*

Physical Science

  Environmental Science
  Health and Human Development
  Principles of Physical Science I

Social Sciences

  A History of the Vietnam War*
  Art of the Western World
  Criminal Justice*
  Foundations of Education
  Fundamentals of Counseling
  General Anthropology
  History of the Soviet Union*
  Human/Cultural Geography
  Introduction to Law Enforcement
  Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  Substance Abuse*
  The Civil War and Reconstruction


  Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
  Technical Writing


As college costs rise, many students have begun turning to DSST exams as a secret weapon. Beyond saving significant money compared to a standard college course, DSST tests are also perfect for part-time students or those with challenging schedules. From members of the military to elite athletes to normal college students, thousands of people every year take DSST exams after self-study of the content.

Whether you’re aiming to save some hard-earned money, accelerate your college journey, or just skip to the more advanced courses, DSST exams can completely revolutionize your college experience.

But you will want to do two things before jumping into a DSST testing room:

Study First

First, make sure you prepare properly. Official DSST pass rates show about 50% to 80% of people pass their exam (varying somewhat by title). If you want to be within the successful group, make sure to invest 20-40 hours studying for each exam.

Ask Your College Advisor

Most colleges will accept 1-3 DSST exams, and some even more, but talk with you college advisor to make sure before you take the exam. You don’t want all your studying to be for nothing!

Why Powerhouse Prep?

You’ve got lots of options when it comes to DSST test prep. Literally hundreds of websites will offer you some sort of practice questions or test overviews. So why go with Powerhouse Prep?

Well first of all, please don’t rely on Powerhouse Prep as your only study resource (yet! we’re working on more to come). For now, you’ll get the most out of Powerhouse by coming here to do a spot-check midway through studying (with our free practice exams) or to make sure you’re studying all the right topics (with our quick study guides).

But we definitely recommend you get a textbook or more detailed study program, and we’ll even recommend a few of our favorites for each exam.